Characteristics of Migraine Headaches

OK Compounding is a Skiatook, OK-based pharmacy that specializes in topical medication for pain management. Under the direction of owner Christopher Parks and Dr. Gary Lee, the pharmacy provides customizable formulas to treat ailments afflicting numerous parts of the body. OK Compounding utilizes compounds that have demonstrated effective results, treating painful conditions such as migraines. What are some of the characteristics and symptoms of a migraine?

Most migraines occur in the morning. Neurological symptoms like blind spots, auras, flashing lights, or hallucinations can accompany the onset, preceding even the headache itself. The headache arrives as a throbbing, unilaterally-distributed pain that includes nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to noise and light. The pain can be debilitating and prevent the sufferer from partaking in normal activities. Finally, once the actual headache has subsided, general malaise and irritability may be present; the pain may also return with sudden motions of the head.

Several classes of compound medicines can be utilized to alleviate, reduce, or control migraine headaches and their symptoms. Talking to a healthcare professional about options is an important step in proper headache treatment.

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