Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment of Migraine Headaches

Skiatook, Oklahoma-based OK Compounding provides topical compounds and medications for managing and eliminating pain. Owners Christopher Parks and Dr. Gary Lee operate the pharmacy, which offers customizable formulas for a number of painful ailments affecting the body. OK Compounding products have demonstrated effectiveness and can be customized to treat painful afflictions like migraine headaches. What are the signs and symptoms of a migraine?

Frequently beginning in early adolescence, migraines impose neurological symptoms like blind spots, auras, flashing lights, or hallucinations, whose onset may come before the headache even occurs. Odd symptoms like uncontrollable yawning and food cravings can also occur. The headache presents itself as a throbbing pain encompassing the entire skull, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to bright light and loud noise. The pain from a migraine is often debilitating and may prevent a person from engaging in everyday activities. Once the headache pain has receded, during a phase called postdrome, malaise and emotional upset may occur. Sudden motions of the head may even cause the pain to return briefly.

There are multiple varieties of medical compounds that can help alleviate, control, and prevent migraines and manage their symptoms. Talking to a health care professional about options is the first step in receiving adequate treatment for migraines.

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