DYNALABS’ CQI Partners – Core Elements of the Program

Based in Skiatook, Oklahoma, OK Compounding helps customers manage pain by creating various forms of topical pharmaceutical products customized to meet their individual needs, under the leadership of Christopher Parks and Dr. Gary Lee. The creams supplied by OK Compounding reduce scarring, treat migraines, and alleviate muscle and joint pains. A DYNALABS Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Partner, OK Compounding strives to provide quality products each and every day.

Created by DYNALABS, the CQI Partner Program is a customized testing service that allows compounding pharmacies and other pharmaceutical providers to persistently work to improve their products and their safety and quality control practices. Companies participating in the program display a gold seal on their websites to publicly show their commitment to the initiative.

As a partner, businesses establish a cyclical process for improvement based on three core elements: analytical testing, data analysis, and consulting. Analytical testing involves identifying and monitoring quality levels of products and services. Data analysis takes into account information generated from testing and identifying ways to improve upon the existing situation. This includes enhancing products, adjusting processes, and providing additional employee training. In terms of consulting, DYNALABS provides marketing and cost-saving guidance to its partners to improve their bottom line.

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