The Benefits of Topical Medicine over Oral Medication

Based near Tulsa, Oklahoma, OK Compounding was founded by Christopher Parks. With the addition of Dr. Gary Lee to its team, OK Compounding has grown to be a leading resource for topical pain management medication.

When it comes to pain management, oral medication may not always be the best option for conditions such as muscle tension and inflammation. Topical pain management methods offer a more localized treatment that directly targets an affected area. Working on the region of the body that needs the most attention, a medical professional or patient can apply topical medication on the surface of the skin to deliver faster pain relief.

Another benefit of topical pain management is that it reduces the potential for side effects, such as upset stomach, heartburn, fatigue, and depression. This is due in large part to the elimination of oral medication. When oral medicine is consumed, it travels throughout the bloodstream to target the affected area. Along the way, the medicine has more opportunities to affect regions of the body that do not need attention. Conversely, topical medication is only applied to specific parts of the body that require treatment, reducing the spread of active ingredients.

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